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Monday, August 16, 2010

Return to France/Vacay recap

After two and a half blissful weeks of English, I am back in O-town.

A short synopsis of my life since July 9, 2010:
Antoine arranged for a weekend in Haute Savoie for us, before I began a grueling two weeks of becoming a full time mom. We headed down to Evian and stayed in his Dads house, which is in the process of being converted to a bed and breakfast. The top floor was a newly restored flat zhich was modern, airy, and beautiful. Saturday we went to Annecy to tour around and go paddle boating, and laid in the grass in a park for quite a while. He dropped me off in a small village t outside of Geneva. As we were driving along, we realised that we had driven past the house. G had said on the phone that we should just "look for a big gate and a lot of trees," we soon found chez de Francais which was in fact Chateau de Francais.

Built during the French Revolution, the castle that we stayed in could sleep at least 30 people. According to what I pieced together and what Antoine asked O, the house is passed down through the daughters, not the sons. This family can trace their tree back to the middle ages.

I stayed in the top floor with all the kids. Fortunately I had my own room, but we all shared a bathroom, so I was woken up several times a night by children loudly tip-toeing through my room.

The bonus was that I had my own kitchen, so I was responsible for making lunch for the kiddies, which sounds like it sucked, but it was nice to have no one meddling.

Midway through the week I got a nice surprise from Antoine-he had cancelled his trip to Romania and would be returning to Haute Savoie to spend another weekend with me!

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