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Monday, June 6, 2011

Breaking and Entering

In France, the most complicated answer, is frequently the solution.

Scene: La Rochelle, second floor of the apartment of Couch Surfing Saudi
Players: Ali, Yours Truly
Ali calls me to the balcony
A-I did a betise...
I look down to see her bathing suit on the ground floor terrace.
Me-Oh shit.
A-Should we go downstairs and knock?
Me-Nah, the wall isn't that high, we can definitely hop it. It'll be easier to break in.

Sure enough, down we went, to find the wall up to the terrace about four feet high. I gave Ali a leg up, and she hopped over and grabbed the bathing suit triumphantly. We went back upstairs and celebrated by opening our third bottle of wine.

We found out later than Tham (the Saudi) had never actually seen anyone in that apartment, so we can assume it's vacant.

Win for the Americans.

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