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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Nannying in the US--(It sounded cooler in France)

So I've been back stateside for a solid two months, and I only wake up crying from Francesickness about once a week, so I guess things are going better.

I'm nannying again, and to pull myself back from the brink of suicide, I have decided to think of this as temporary, for the following reasons

1) I want to go back to France, and I need money, nannying allowed me to find employment quickly
2) If I don't get a job in France (I will know by April) I will start looking seriously for a real job, therefore
3) I will still be making an income, even as I job hunt

Pros of US nannying
1) I make (slightly) more money
2) I dont live there
3) No foreigner jokes from the kids
4) The public library let's all have a moment of silence for this bless-ed creation
5) I can drive around and take them places
6) I don't have to 'co' nanny with any parents around

1) Children
2) In France, being an au pair was exotic, here, living with my parents it's pathetic
3) Longer hours
4) No fun foreign language school to meet people
5) Not meeting people period
6) Gui Gui and I are still together, and he currently lives 6000 miles away from me. On second thought, that should probably be the number one con.

There are a few things that are so much easier here, and I've noticed that occasionally I have to step back and say, 'It's okay, you're in the US.'

1-Gas is cheaper, and easy to find. My credit card always works, and I can always pay in cash
2-With my sweet new library card I NEVER have to worry about not having an English book again
3-Contact solution is 80% cheaper, so I no longer have to think 'I cant throw out these contacts until tomorrow, since I wasted .05 ounces of liquid preserving them last night'
4-I do laundry, once a week, if I feel like it, for ONE person
5-I ran to the grocery store last week to buy beer, because it was almost nine pm. SILLY ME, it's open until ten. I drove by on a SUNDAY at eight am, thinking it surely wouldn't be open. SILLY ME, it opened at six am.
6-"You want to buy 35 cents worth of gum on your debit card? Go ahead!"

On the negatives, I can't get money out from any bank (not like I go out anyway) Gui Gui is on the other side of the freaking ocean.

And God help me, I miss caf├ęs and the Bitter End.

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