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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tried to get out of my shit prepaid plan an attempted to get a contract with my portable provider. Two trips and many paperwork later I was unsuccessful. I need to get documentation from my employers, apparently. I found this irritating.

After unsuccessful cell phone trip, went to Paris and Ailie triumphantly found a handbag for Madrid (which is today). Found a bar with a cheap happy hour and settled in for a pint or two. At one point this North African guy comes up to us (Morrocco, actually). And attempts to talk to us. As he opens his mouth to say hello, HIS TOOTH FALLS OUT. Ailie and I see this, and I start laughing hysterically. Nonetheless, the guy continues to try conversation while surreptisiously searching for his tooth, on the floor of the bar. Ailie and I start to talk amongst ourselves, to try and give this guy the hint that we arent interesting, and finally, he successfuly is able to replace his tooth.

Ran into Yves on the RER. He was babysitting his friends nephew, who was about 13. In the 20 minutes on the train together, Artur (13 year old) has a new love for English/Spanish

Going to Espana in like an hour and a half.

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