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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

So, I went to the cell phone store, again, this time with S and A. I could make a long story short, and let you all know that I am still sans plan and avec shit phone, but thats no fun.

Literally carved an hour out of the day, and S took me to Art de Vivre to finally obtain my new phone. Things looked good, we had a good plan found, we had a new phone found, I could keep my old number.

The reason Im still avec shit phone?

THE FREAKING COMPUTER WAS DOWN. Really France? I would expect this from Argentina, but not from you, while I pay six dollars for a drink, just as much for a cafe au lait, and god knows how much on random food purchases, not to mention its like 60 euros to fill up a car...

Yeah, so now I have to go back tomorrow for the FOURTH time.

(I just listened to Amarte duele three times.......ok four. Im sorry the following lyrics-"solo pon tus labios sobre mi espalda," is just the sexiest lyrics ever. I know Im really new into this French thing, but I just cant imagine that French has shit on it.)

So I went over to Antoine's pretty sweet apartment in Paris last night. He was going to make me dinner or something, but I forgot to mention that I had already eaten dinner. (This is good, actually, I had a baguette, cheese, and apricot jam for lunch/dinner. And by baguette, I mean at least 10 inches of it, I thought I was going to throw up.) Anyway it was good to get out of the house, especially because I have to work both Friday and Saturday! Anyway, we talked about differences between French and North American culture, and I noted that hes "so French," but also that engineers as a species, are all the same. He was really nice about my French though, and helped me with pronunciation, and very enthusiastically let me know when I did it right. I learned, cutting off is "faire la queue du poisson" (spelling doesnt count for me in French yet), and "faire la course' is going grocery shopping!

Another funny Spanish encounter. Ailie and I were on the bus, talking in English, as per usual. These French guys on our left, lean over and say in Spanish to this girl, who may or may not have been Austrian, "Comprendes que dicen?" Which means, do you understand what theyre saying, referring to us.

Im beginning to think of Spanish as a super power.

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