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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Les freaking Enfants

For those who have little to no contact with children on a daily basis, I would like to share a fact---Children exist to make you feel bad about yourself. Period. They spend the whole day thinking of the most random observations that are designed to make you question your self esteem and sanity.

I will admit that this whole can of worms that I've gotten myself into could have been avoided. My first mistake, letting A (81 lbs) see my weight. He reacted as follows "(insert weight here) Oh my God! Thats a lot! You need a regime" (I thought regime was exercise, its not, its a diet). Then, I've been very possesive about my JIF peanut butter, because it was imported by my maman for my birthday. Today, when I confessed the jar was close to gone (ONE MONTH LATER) , A informed me thats why I've "gotten fatter." Then we were playing with the scale, and I was, less than that first time, but more than I'd like. I wanted to explain that, actually, its the end of the day, and its that time of month, but I just commented on the time of day, and he admitted that I was wearing a lot of clothes...

Anyway these comments have inspired me to start running, as I wrote in a previous post. Yesterday, I went twice (after pasta for dinner). Thirty minutes in the morning and forty at night. G advised me to take it easy at first, and I'm sure he had a valid point. I wish I had some sort of cardio machine that would allow me to work out without the stress on my knees and hips everyday, but I guess I'll settle for walking. Speaking of injuries, it is really necessary for me to buy new running shoes, its been way too long, but theyre so expensive here! I may have to save up and bite the bullet, for the sake of my shins.

Next blog: Reasons why I'm amazed that Thas completed six years of life.

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