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Monday, June 7, 2010


1) Went to Germany to see Kelly, it was good to see some Americans

2) Matt and Dave came through Paris, after a few problems (didnt have a place to stay, got off at the wrong metro, had to crash in a three different places in three nights) we had an awesome time. Unfortunately, I now miss American men.

3) L is on a regime, and officially too fat (She calls both me and S maman)

4) Had my first night bus experience last night with Ailie and Callie.

5) I'm broke. Extremely broke.

6) I threatned to quit on A. His attitude is slowly destroying any patience I have. He can be the coolest little kid, or the most obnoxious. I talked to S and G about it, they agreed that he was back talking way too much. We had an intervention. I dont have a lot of hope.

7) I'm being kidnapped from July 8th to the 25th.

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