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Sunday, June 27, 2010

I spent three hours last night waiting at the Arc de Triumph for the night bus back to O-town.

Holy. God.

Zack metroed with me over there around 1:15 to discover that the first one didn't come until 2:06. So around 1:40 I got a phone call from Nicole telling me that they were going to try and put Ailie in a cab and get her to CDG so she could ride home with me. I had to walk to Champs for a while to find her, then we missed the 2 something bus, then we finally almost got the 3 something bus, AND THEY WOULDNT LET US ON BECAUSE IT WAS FULL.

Are you kidding me? Two foreign girls at 3 in the morning, and you're going to force us to continue waiting outside by ourselves? Thanks, bus services of Paris. Then these kids would not leave us alone. They kept talking to us, and we kept rejecting them, it finally took two French girls to basically tell them to fuck off. On the bus they made round two, so to let them know I didnt want to speak to them, I told the kid, in English, that I was sorry for not being clear, but I did not, at that present moment (Or any moment) wish to speak with them, and if he said something, or touched me again, I would kill him. He left me alone after that. (Remind me to learn how to say that in French).

It was actually kind of scary because it was really unsafe, and I'm really surprised that we didn't get in more trouble than that. I'm thinking I actually should start carrying mace or a knife on me (too street thug?)

Anyway, if everyone ever gets ready, we're going to the lake today! The weathers finally nicer, and I'm really looking forward to swimming.

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