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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Things I would have never thought I would (have) be doing (done)

If you had told me a year ago about this list, I probably wouldn't have believed you.

1) Wearing a jean jacket with jeans

2) Giving wiping lessons to a six year old

3) Encouraging a todler to pee in front of me

4) Running into people that I know, randomly, on the Parisian public transit

5) Last minute planning, and executing a solo trip to Germany, then wandering the city alone for a combined 8 hours

6) Planning to stay at a bar until 5 am to catch my early morning flight

7) Ever getting up at 6 am so I can commute two hours to work by 8 am (location-my kitchen)

8) Meeting a white guy named Antoine

9) Getting breast surgery

10) Seeing 4 children naked everyday

11) BFFriending a Scottish lassie

12) Forgetting how to spell friend

13) Ducking into the metro for warmth, and riding the one for a half hour

14) Bike riding home at one am

15) Taking anything called "the night bus"

16) Thinking 5 euros for a beer was a good price

17) Learning to type on a French keyboard

18) Drinking wine out of a plastic two litter bottle

19) Drinking vodka out of a two litter plastic bottle

20) Hating gypsies

21) Speaking French

22) Ironing pyjamas

23) Spelling words like specialization and realization with an s because I can never remember where the z is on the keyboard

24) Going on a date with a guy that doesnt speak English, or Spanish

25) Eating lunch in a Monoprix

I will add to this list as more weird stuff happens

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