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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


We went to the Champs Elysees last night, around midnight to see what there was to see. Paris was having a music festival, so the trains were running all night, and my Navego worked!

The Champs was crazy. There were cops, flags waving, drunk people, honking, car accidents with cops cars....I loved it.

I told Vanessa that being out on a Monday night until 3:30 am with no regard for work today made me feel human again. Not like a vampire, human. I was able to go out, do what I wanted and not have anyone tell me know. It was wonderful. Not that my family ever would tell me that I cant do something, but you still have certain constraints on what you feel comfortable doing. Ive been going out a lot more during the week (mainly because I have had more access to the car) but also because I'm in Europe, in a country that treats soccer like a religion (althought most French a bit disillusioned these days....) not only that, this city is so international, everytime someone wins a match, no matter how small the country, the streets are flooded with flags and cheering fans. Except in O-town. So I'm determined to soak up as much crazyness as possible until I get kidnapped and stranded in South France.

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