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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

At my wits end

How do you make a do what you want? I'm not talking washing the floors, or cleaning my room, I mean, do the things that his parents ask you to do.

Because I got no freakin' clue.

T tries my patience every single day. I don't think I'm a bad person, but I can't figure out how to deal with this child.

I try to be nice, doesn't work, I'm mean, doesn't work, so far the only thing that seems to do anything, is when he makes a scene in front of the same damn woman and she calms him down. Today, for example, we were running late, so he says "Wait! I need my ball!" I say no, because we have thirty seconds to get to school, and he starts to cry/scream, so I ask if its something for school, no its for play. Pas grave. One, he's not supposed to bring toys to school, two, HE WILL CHANGE HIS MIND IN THIRTY FIVE SECONDS. Anyway, he throws a tantrum, and I'm trying to juggle L, and bring him along and this woman comes up.

Everytime T is at his worst, she seems to be there. So shes like, okay I will take him to the crosswalk, and something snapped. So I told her, in French, no, I am the Au Pair, he needs to listen to me. At which point random woman told him that he needs to listen and obey me, so he said "Mais je n'aime pas la babysitter." But I dont like her. And then random woman takes him to the crosswalk.

(For the record, he pulls the same BS with his parents. It's not like I'm just a horrible person and he hates me, he just hates to be told no, and doesn't comprehend that you can't always get your way, and yes, I know he's only six)

I started crying. I feel like I try to do so much for this little brat, cleaning up after him, playing with him, bringing stuff for him to do, and he doesn't like me because I won't let him do something that hes not supposed to? God, I know he's only six, but this is killing me. A has gotten better since his parents had a talk with him, and to be honest, I LIKE talking to A, and even F. I like their stories, I like playing with them, I like teasing them, I like making them laugh.

L is so cute, that even though shes starting her terrible twos, it's not so bad. We spend a lot of time together too, so I usually know what to do with her to calm her down.

T is a huge question mark. He throws temper tantrums at the most unreasonable times, like when its bathtime, when I ask him to set the table, everything. You can't punish him because I'm not entirely sure he understands what I say, and when I take away one toy he finds another one in about two seconds.

I dont know how to deal with this.

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  1. Give him more attention when he's being good, less when he's being bad. Make sure he sees you praising the other kids when they behave the way they are supposed to.

    Could work. Maybe he was just born to be a hater.