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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Au Pairstituion Part 2: Can I be Bought?

Another interesting situation that we deal with in this choice of employment is the level of intimacy that is created between yourself, your job, and your bosses. If your like me, you are the kind of person who cant live without a sense of comfort, that is, you are required to create a pretty close relationship with the family you live with. For me, I was lucky enough that this was not particularily difficult. G and S are friendly people, they have a sense of humor, and are easy to talk to. Which is why I am in a difficult position.

In any other job, if you were offered something that was a better living situation and higher pay, there would be no question of whether or not you would take it. Unfortunately for me, I face leaving behind a group of kids I know well, and a toddler who has me wrapped around her little chubby fingers.

So, I have an opportunity to move to a different family, with less children, in a place more conviently located with better accesibility to Paris. The pay is significantly higher as well, so instead of living by the skin of my teeth, I would have more flexibility to do the things that I want to.

But its an emotional issue. They dont want me to leave, and I cant pretend like this is easy. What makes it worth is G and S are not passive. They actively campaigned for me to stay, and really made me feel guilty about choosing something different.

It sucks. Mainly because if I try and make everyone happy, I know that I will be upset with myself. I will be angry every Saturday I work, I will be angry every Friday I spend chained to my house with L, and every Sunday night I fight fate and SNCF trains to come home. I will be mad when my bank takes four days to transfer my pathetic salary, and I have no money. But I will also feel bad leaving behind four kids that I know well, and a two year old I am obsessed with.

What to do?

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  1. Tough life being a slave with emotional connections. I completely understand. I feel the same way sometimes. Hate the sticks but I am obsessed with my family. Strange life we lead. I know this is hard, but do what makes you the happiest. If comfort outweighs convenience than stay in o town. its your year robin and as hard as it may be you have to do what will make you happy. be thankful for the year you had with your wonderful family but really think if it is worth it to do a repeat.