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Friday, October 1, 2010

Lasagne a la Madame Francais

Have you ever seen that show, I can't remember the name, but Bobby Flay basically follows people around the country who have dedicated their whole life to one particular dish than attempts to one up them in the name of competition? Well thats kind of like dinner time at Chez Francais. I see something made, and I have to recreate it. Usually it comes with instructions which I promptly forget.

Today, I made lasagne a la S. APPARENTLY, lasagna on this side of the Atlantic is done differently (NO ricotta!!) I tried it once the Irish way, and quit because the damn noodles are too hard to use, and now am attempting it the French way. Because I've never had lasagne a la Mme Francais, I had to roll with her giving me instructions. Which is basically like making a new recipe, except with no measurements and having 5 picky eaters manging it.

Instead of the whole meat sauce followed by ricotta situation (or maybe its just in my house) we make a sauce with milk, creme fraishe, emmental, and tomato concentrate. Or in my case, we dont make nearly enough (because we are afraid that the consistancy is too thick and it will not cook the noodles, thusly ruining dinner, which is why we are glad we have a pizza as back up).

Anyway, the lasagna is sitting around waiting to be put in the oven. So, let's hope I did it right.

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