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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Paroles that Made Me Laugh

Scene-Butcher shop in Saint G, four pretty anglophones, three attractive butchers (No, this is not the beginning of a joke, and yes it was two brunettes a blonde and a redhead.)

Butchers-Ah Yess you are English!
Me-Oui, mais j'ai oublié, como on dit "butcher" en français?
Butcher-Beau guss!

Scene-Chez Gui Gui
Me-Mais Gui Gui, on a profité ajourdhui!
Gui Gui-On a profité de quoi? Ta main?

Scene-Gui Gui's phone, can't repeat this in French, so rough translation--
Phone-Yes, Hello this is Mr. X calling on behalf of the recruitment office in Saint Germain en Laye. As you know we are currently at war in Libya so we are reenacting the draft. My sources tell me that you are now available to be drafted. We will be using the Navy to go forward with this, unfortunately we don't have any more boats available, so we are going to swim. Training starts at the pool in Saint Germain at noon on Friday. Thank you.

Devant Chez Gui Gui, after I went on a walk with him and his nephew, while he was babysitting.
Maman de Gui Gui- T'avais besoin d'une nounou?

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