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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Prioritie a QUI? Continuation of Driving Rants

(Yes, I'm aware that I didn't finish my previous blog entry and driving, and I will finish it, one day.)

Scene-I'm picking up SA from school, we drive up the road to take a left. There is a pathetic excuse for a rondpoint, and I graciously let some mec drive through, although it's technically my turn. He drives through. Another Jerkoff on the right, naturally decides to profit off my goodnaturedness (word?) and plows through the intersection. This isn't a big deal really, I think to myself, because he is going straight, because after all his indicator is NOT on. Wrongo. He's actually turning left into my lane. It's a beautiful day, so the windows are opened. Jerkoff is screaming at me because I'm kind of blocking the way of MY lane, and I couldn't quite understand him, but he must have been saying, "What ze hell is wvong vit you seely foreign girl!? How dare zat you var not able to veed my mind!? Don't you know that in ze France we zar all capable of zees talent!?"

So naturally, I was also yelling in English, and the other random van, who was also embroiled in a traffic jam (no injuries) actually had the nerve to mock me as I was speaking in English.

I wasn't aware that thirteen year old boys were allowed to drive.

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