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Friday, September 24, 2010

The Children

So no Au Pair blog would be complete without anecdotes about the childre, right? Here we go.

1) One thing that never fails to bring entertainment, is L when she's frustruated. I know, it sounds cold hearted, but its kind of hilarious. The other day, I heard L starting to get mad upstairs. It started out with squeals of anger and escalated into screams of "Mais BIIIIIII! BIIII! AHHHH!!" So I went upstairs. L is going through a pousette phase, in which she is mildly obsessed with her two strollers (she just got a Hello Kitty one for her birthday). At the top of the stairs, we have a baby gate that you basically have to be over the age of 4 to work out. L had opened the gate, and was trying to get her stroller, Kitty, and herself downstairs. Unfortunately for her (and probably fortunately for me, since she probably would have fallen) she couldn't get through the gate due to a few obstacles including huge boxes of clothes. I go upstairs and find her shreiking and RED in the face trying to get her stroller through. She was so upset she just looked at me and the stroller while crying. I'm sorry, it was hilarious.

2) L and I were in the car the other day, and I had gotten four cents in change from somewhere, so I gave it to her to play with. She then gave me back the money, I said thank you, and didn't think anything of it. Well apparently, she thought the money was hers and she wanted to buy candy. She started demanding bon bons from me the entire ride home.

3) T received a oversized zucchinni from his Mutti. Its been in his room for about three weeks, and I just found it. The smell almost made me vomit. He may or may not have peed on it.

4) I made a big omlette for dinner the other night, and A decided he wanted more potatos. He poured like a cup of oil in a frying pan and cooked all three of the potatos. Then he poured the mixture into a bowl and ate the whole thing, oil and all. Good thing I dont change his

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