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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Parking Ticket

Shockingly, I got a parking ticket today. I know, you'd think someone with my fabulous luck would never get a parking ticket in her life. Wrong-o.

But, it was only eleven euros, so I thought to myself "Robin, you better do this now, or its never going to get done." Right, so I went and talked to the police man which annoyed me. The conversation went something like this (it was in French, but I will translate).
Robin-Are you police?
R-Can you tell me why I got this? Because I park here all the time.
C-Oh sure, I will explain it to you. Blah blah blah, 11 to 1130 blah blah, more stuff in French I didnt understand, and for that reason, you have a ticket.
R-Right, okay how and where do I pay for it?
C-You go buy a stamp from the Tabac, or you can pay in a check.
R-But wheres the police station
C-By the Mairie
R-Wheres that?
C-There (Points) Up the street straight then on the right.
R-Okay, and how many days do I have to pay this?
R-(Thinking in French numbers) Foorrtty..
C-(In English) Forty five.

This. entire. conversation. was. in. French. And you think I can't say NUMBERS. Come on man. Give me a break.

Anyway, after going to the Tabac, buying the ticket, not having my card work, going to the ATM, not having my card work again, using my American card, I was successfully able to pay of my ticket. And, turns out the same guy who was helping me before was the one who signed for it.

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