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Monday, September 13, 2010

Indiana Jones

Although this did not happen to me directly, I was mostly present for the episode, and I feel that it's a tale worth telling.

Friday night, Coco and I decided to meet at Saint Lazare to have a drink before we went out separate ways later. She took the 2020 train, I took the 2041 train, we were to arrive in Paris roughly the same time.

The 2041 train gets me to the station about 2105. I get a phone call at 2055, and pick up thinking its Coco telling me that she has arrived and wanting to know when I will be there.

Its Coco alright, but shes begins telling me how her train stopped at Conflans, they said something in French, and a few people got off the train. Then, the lights went out and the train started going, to quote, "800 miles an hour". So the train finally stops somewhere, she tries the doors, but shes locked in! The train starts moving again. Finally, the train stops in the middle of a tunnel, in the middle of no where. Realizing she has no other option, she pries open the doors and jumps onto the tracks (Indiana Jones style).

She calls me again, and I start freaking out because shes on tracks, in the dark, where trains are running full speed. I tell her she's got to get off the tracks immediately, and she tells me she sees a huge fence, and I tell her she has to jump it.

Basically, I'm freaking out, and she's scared shitless, but she finally finds a stair case up to the train station, and I ask the Accueil at St. Laz for a train schedule. The train is about 15 minutes late, but she finally makes it safely in town around 2200.

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