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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Je deteste the Terrible Two's

L turned two a few months ago, and before that things had been going well. She has her moments, but she has been a pretty good baby-come-toddler.

Then she learned how to talk. To let everyone know, the house I live in, is not actually owned by S and G; It is L's. All food belongs to her, all toys belong to her, all clothes belong to her, all markers, water bottles, everything in my room, everything in all bathrooms, all three cars, everything that's in T's room. All of this and more, is property of L.

Yesterday, she was mad at me because I took off her cardigan for her to get into the bath, which she loves. Her reaction? Try and rip off my cardigan and shirt. This morning she hit me in the face, hard. It sucks, because there's no way you can really discipline her, besides say 'No L! That's not nice!' When all I want to do is smack her back.

Of course it's obvious where she learns it, the kids spend a great deal of time smacking each other around in fits of anger. I let them go at it, but, ironically, I end up paying the price.

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