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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Constitutional Rights

Random thought following a conversation (one of many, trust me) that I had about break-ins in France. They seem to happen quite often, and quite boldly here. I wonder, do you suppose that they are less frequent, and more violent in the United States because of the Second Amendment, and our obsession with the right to bear arms?

No idea what hand gun laws are like here, but in the US, I feel that the average middle class, educated person is more likely to have a gun in their home. Think that has a small deterrent on crime? If you were a criminal, would you be willing to risk entering a house while a dinner party was happening, knowing there's a good chance of a gun in the house? Because that apparently happens here. People are also just as likely to break in while you are sleeping. It's apparently quite an art, the things these criminals (Georgian mafiosos?) do.

Not a pro-gun post (if you've ever met me, you would know that), but it's something to think about, no? Wouldn't mind reading a study or an article comparing the two, if anyone could do it without being completely biased.

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