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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Adorable Anecdotes, continued

I should write about this, both to share, and remind myself some of the good times. My favorite time with T is no doubt right before bed, after he's all diapered up, and we're reading together. Now that I speak French well enough, oftentimes I take French books and just translate them into English and make up the parts I don't understand. I don't think he cares that much, I think he just likes to be held and paid attention to.

Anyway, tonight he was playing with Pokemon cards, so I picked up this Civilisations book, which was in French, and started reading it. He saw me looking at it so he asked me to read parts to him. I let him pick a page.

He asked me if we could read about "the France" and I showed him the section about Rome, as it was geographically the closest section in the book (which was ANCIENT civilizations, I guess I should specify). He then picked the page about Christianity in ancient Rome. I started reading to him, in English and then he stopped me. He's learning to read now, and making a surprising amount of progress. He read the first paragraph, and then looked up at me and said "But why there's nothing of lions in this?" Ah, he picked the picture because there were lions who were in a stadium and about to EAT Christians. I explained this to him, and he looked up at my confused and asked "But, the emperor didn't care about Jesus?" Not quite, kiddo.

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