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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Things That Bring Me Pleasure

Besides forcing my two year old to listen to country, there are other things that I enjoy in life. I will recount what happened to me, about an hour ago:

I saw A, for roughly fifty minutes. He has a lot going on in his life, so I understandingly allowed him to leave me to go back to Paris to go bed. As I was dropping him off at the train, I saw a girl running to the train, which had "approched." I regonized her as someone I had met at La Clef, my school. She's Mexican, and we've spoken a couple of times and I've tried to hang out with her but she works a disgusting amount of hours. Anyway, as she ran up the stairs I was chanting at her "Corre, corre, corre!" After a second, we realized she had missed her train. I asked her if she knew when the next one (sure it was in an hour) and she said about thirty minutes. We looked at the screen and realized it would be an hour, so I offered her a ride to the next train station.

I would love to take this opportunity to bitch about public transit, but i won't. Rather, I want to talk about how happy speaking Spanish makes me. Maybe I was relaxed from seeing A, but I just switched into Spanish with her, no problem. I'm not sure how intelligible I was with her, she may or may not have given me several blank looks, but it felt good to just pick up a language with someone, and just talk.

Now I know what the Swedes, Germans and Dutch feel like.

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