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Sunday, April 25, 2010

1) Im old now

2) I went to Normandy (Etretat) with Anotine yesterday. I suck, and I wouldnt go with him on his "surprise" trip for my birthday, and found out it would have been South of France....dont want to talk about it. Still, Etretat was really nice, I got to see the ocean, and we almost got to stay there. Unfortunately, we had to reservations, and it was a Saturday during vacations.

3) Vacations over, back to the grind (x 10, kids still on vacay) Im feeling a little depressed about it.

4) I woke up at Peters on Friday (not feeling pleasant) and went back to Chatelet to buy myself something for my birthday, which turned out to be this amazing dress (Im currently penniless) I went back to O-town, tried to nap, failed, then went back into Paris and ended up at Kates. People came over and we went out...Again, I suck, and it wasnt all that fun.

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