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Saturday, April 3, 2010


You know how I was supposed to have this whole weekend off? Well, things got complicated. Mainly because, on Thursday, I had surgery on my right breast. As some may recall, I went to the doctor last week because of breast pain, several days and prescriptions later, it turned out I had an abcess that needed to be taken care of.

I went in on Thursday around 10 am, and was in surgery by 3 or 4. I had to get general anesthesia, which is more complicated than local. It was exactly like in the movies, I was hooked up to an IV, looking at the nurse, than she put the mask on, and I blacked out promptly. I woke up a few hours later in the recovery room feeling groggy and in a lot of breast pain. Its strange because as I think back on it, I get uncomfortable. It was really unpleasant and painful. I couldnt think and I couldnt sleep because of the pain.

I should point out that Ive never been under the knife before. Ive had minor procedures, but never anything involving being CUT open, let alone in a different country. I will go ahead and say this though-everyone was so kind (except the anesthesiologist). I was so grateful to have people willing to speak to my in English. This could have been a really awful situation, but it wasnt, because the nurses in doctors spoke English well enough to communicate what would happen and they understood my questions.

I must comment though, in the examining room, the (really cute possibly North African) attending doctor told me to "Show him my titties," which was kind of uncomfortable, but funny I guess.

But, S, A, and F came to visit me, bringing a ton of chocolate, and flowers, it was really sweet. Antoine came to visit to. He didnt get there until after 8, and I asked the nurses when visiting hours were, but they told me they would make an exception, and he got to stay until almost 10. He told me when he came up he asked where my room was, and I was someone who had just gotten breast surgery, as soon as he said breasts, they apparently told him what room I was in and that I was waiting for him...

Anyway, now I have to have a nurse come to the house, which sucks because it requires me to be here in the mornings. Shes going to come and change my bandages and deal with all that stuff.

I stayed at Antoines last night, we didnt really do much, we were both really tired. He went to Geneva, so I wanted to see him before he left. Anyway, his train left at 9, so I got back to the house at like 930, and came upstairs because I accidentally set off the alarm. T was already eating breakfast. He gave me the five year old once over and said "You were where?" Guess I looked like I had a rough night....

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