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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Quality of life has improved for the following reasons-

1) I bought (what I didnt realise at the time) jalapenos and fire roasted those suckers. I then wrapped them up in a chicken breast with some cheese to create (I think) a spin off of chiles rellenos. I will presumably eat it for lunch tomorrow, lets all cross our fingers together

2) The sun came back to France. It was about mid 60s today, and there are FLOWERS. Things are starting to get greener, and I like it.

3) I become a legal (at least recognized) resident tomorrow.

4) But, most importantly, I realized that I can BIKE to V Sur Seine in less than 10 minutes! I went to Paris last night to see Antoine. I knew I didnt have to be back until noon today, so I was brainstorming ideas, and it occured to me, why not just bike it? Its all downhill, so you can cruise pretty fast. I kind of had to take my life into my hands on the roundabout, but I survived. I had a pretty sweet head lamp, and a light for the back.

5) I'm listening to the beach boys.

6) I realize that I need to blog in itemized format, versus actual paragraphs.

7) Antoine brought back approximately 5 kilos of cheese from the mountains :D

What kind of sucks-

1) There was a freaking greve last night/today, so while I got to the train station at 9 something, the next train didnt come until 10:10!! Also, the next morning the train didnt come at 10:23 as the greve scheduled promised but 10:53.

2) These delays combined with the fact that Im out of shape, and the way back from Villenes is all uphill, and the nurse came earlier than expected, which made me late for my appointment today.

3) Ailie already bought a train ticket, and her ticket from Milan to Glasgow

4) I have to work Friday night

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