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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I learned yesterday why Mom's and other experience childcarers always seem to carry tissues. Its in case their children start bleeding.

Yup, one of mine bled yesterday. I picked up L from daycare, and went over to T's friends' house to retrieve him. On the way back, L was apparently leaning out of the stroller, and when we hit a bump,

BAM, faceplant.

I literally looked down to see her facedown on the cement sidewalk, little legs and arms spread. I screamed, T screamed, and L started shrieking hysterically. I grabbed her, and SPRINTED back to the daycare, and started speaking in broken French that she was injured. Anyway, she was okay, just a cut on her lip and chin, but overall okay. (The blood really scared T, so he started crying and told me later he was afraid that she was dead.....I dont even know how to respond to that one....)

Worst part, this made me late getting back to the house, so the oldest two left and went to the neighbors, blah blah blah, I looked completely inept/irresponsible.

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