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Monday, February 15, 2010

Bad end to a good weekend...

This weekend was much needed. Went out to a Canadian bar with Ailie and met up with some internationals doing training in Paris, someone from Barcelona so I got to parler espagnol. Denis, a friend of my sisters ended up showing up too! Long story short, ended up staying in South Paris with Denis and had to come back into the city Saturday morning to retrieve Ailie. I then convinced her to walk around in the ridiculously cold weather.

We started off I think in Gare du Nord, and I guess ended up by the Louvre. We walked around the courtyard but never actually entered the building. Finally, after several hours we were so cold we got on the metro and rode the 1 for like a half hour(later learned that the 1 is the oldest subway in Paris, circa 1900)...Ended up texting Jon Steffee and headed over to his apartment by Chatelet and drank espresso and chatted about French.

I had to go back to O-town, thinking I had to work, really long story, but I ended up coming back to Paris and meeting up with Erin, finally! We went out and I was exhausted, but her friends were nice. They spoke mostly in French, but I cant complain too much. I stayed at Erins that night and left her place on Sunday around 12.

Original plan was to go to Sacre Couer alone(Im sure thats spelled wrong), but I ended back over at Jons, and talked more about French, etc. We walked around his neighborhood for a while and stumbled upon a bunch of Asians and dragons. Turns out yesterday was Chinese New Year so the streets were croweded with the French Chinese associations. It wasnt particularily interesting, and by the time we saw our 5th dragon, we turned down a side street and dipped.

The weather was infinitely nicer than Saturday, as in there was considerably less snow icing in my face, so I feel kind of bad that I didnt spend more of the day outside. Its funny, I am really content to just walk around for hours in Paris, no matter rain sleet or snow. I guess considering how much time Im forced to sit inside I feel a bit desperate for (semi) fresh air....The other bad ass thing about Paris so far, is that I havent purposefully seen any tourist stuff, Ive just stumbled upon it.

Anyway, the bad end to my weekend ( and the reason Im sitting in the playroom in my PJs at 2pm) started during the day on Sunday.

(Im writing this after the fact to explain that it REALLY started Saturday night. Both Gand T were sick, and T ended up throwing up on his pillow. I was asked to bring down the laundry and put it in the washing machine. I guess that in the LESS THAN 5 MINUTES I had with the laundry, I contracted the stomach stuff....)

In Paris, on Sunday, I had a jamon, oeuf, and fromage sandwich at like 3, as soon as I finished eating all 12 inches of it (i know, I was reallly hungry) I felt nauseated, despite this, I stayed in Paris another few hours. I finally got home at like 930, and I was still really full from the sandwich, so I went to bed around 11. One AM rolls around, and I ended up puking up most of the sandwich, and anything else I ate this weekend.

Gross. I had planned ahead by bringing a (vomit) bowl down, but I had to get up rinse it out, and get back in bed. It sucks because this is the first time Ive thrown up (non alcohol related) since I was in high school! The only thing I wanted was a mom to come and comfort me, but I was on my own, cleaning up after myself, and putting myself back to bed :( Anyway, I woke up like 20 minutes later for round two, but was finally able to go back to bed.

My alarm went off at 7, and I decided that walking the kiddies to school was the last thing I should have been doing, so I told G and he told me to go back to bed. He sent Tdownstairs with some medicine, and T very kindly explained the dosage of each type of medicine.

I woke up at 11:45, and came upstairs. I had some toast and a little broth with some meat, and thankfully it stayed down.

So Im going to go take a shower, and I think I will go pick up the kiddies from school...

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