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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I should point out that Im using a European keyboard, and also, I have yet to figure out where the apostrophe is located. Also, some of the letters are differnt, and I find myself typing , instead of m. And here, another example. I zill noa type on the keyboqrd qs if I q, typing on qn q;ericqn keyboqrd.

So, now that Im forgiven for my poor grammar/spelling/etc, Ill move on. I have this super annoying headcold, that Im sure is a direct result of child interaction (I figure taking care of kids who go to school everyday is like having unprotected sex, youre getting the diseases of everyone that theyve been with, graphic, I know.)

So for a change of pace, A and F had Cataclysm class....not sure what it is in English, but I guess like CCD? Anyway so I just had to get T, which was more fun because I could have more one on one time with him. We raced the (empty) stroller around the streets. I did have to get L from daycare, which was fine except that she was wearing a coat Id never seen before. Usually, L rocks a full length fluffy sky blue parka that makes her look as if shes as wide as she is long. Today, there was a little pink jacket Id never seen before. As a result, I had to pantomime questions to the care takers, who speak no English, my French, two weeks after arrival, is just slightly above non existant.

Anyway, coat was found and we made it home in one piece. So after I got home, I asked Fwhat she learned in Cataclysm, and she told me about Baptism, etc. The funny part was when she started talking about Paque (Easter). She told me, apologetically, that she didnt know the word in English, and was sure I wouldnt know either, because I wasnt Christian...Mildly insulted, I had to explain that yes, even us liberal Protestants celebrate Paque (keystone of the religion....), and I do indeed know the word in English AND French...

On that note, French is coming along. I understand some spoken, understand better written, can kind of write, but cant talk if my life depended on it. Literally.

Trying to plan a trip in a few weeks, maybe South France, maybe Ill just party for a week straight in Paris, who knows.

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