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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Things to note:

I learned today, that T how to play chess. Not how to tie his shoes, but chess yes. Or atleast kind of. We played quasi chess that went pretty smoothly until I tried to cheat. He didnt like that much.

L and I are making progress! She recognizes me now, and allows me to pick her up. She even lifts her arms to signal stuff, and no longer cries when I bathe her. She also tried to take my lips off when we were making fish faces. Then, she reached in my shirt and tried to look at my bra. There was also no crying during the diaper changing process!

Number one success, I think her baby noises are sounding less French, and more American.

I realized today that Ive been here for a week now, and I havent even had a glass of wine. I think tomorrow Im going to ask the other O-town au pair over for a drink. Hopefully shell accept...

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