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Friday, February 26, 2010


If youve never lived abroad, you probably wont really understand the following post.

No matter how good the reputation of the food of said location, the honest truth is, it aint never like mama made it. For example, last night, Callie and I went to a "Country Western" restaurant in Chambourcy for dranks. We took a gander at the menu which featured among other things, snails, fois grois, frog legs, etc. COUNTRY WESTERN, people. If youre going to have mostly French food, lose the cowboy hats and dont tease me....

Anyway so today for lunch, L and I had fried potatoes and scrambled eggs. This was all completely on a whim, I had no food goals ahead of time. Originally, I planned to eat rice, but as I was checking L's food to made sure it wasnt too hot, I accidentally got a taste of the eggs mixed with the potatos.

If anyone here has seen Ratatouille, theres a scene in which the super creepy food critic goes to take a bite of the Rats ratatouille. As he does, hes suddenly taken back to his childhood. The scene shows him falling off a bike or something, coming in for lunch and being served ratatouille by his mom...

This is exactly what happened with lunch today. I dont remember the last time my mom made me fried potatos and eggs, but its been a while. I was suddenly reminded of Christmas day, after we opened presents, sitting around the dining room table eating loads of eggs, potatos, challah bread, and sausage. I think thats the first time so far that Ive felt really nostalgic for the States.

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