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Saturday, February 6, 2010


So, the baby shit her little brains out yesterday, which was an overall lovely experience. She managed to step in her poop, in the process soiling several towels, then, three hours later, she did it again (this time aiming for her onesie.) Some Friday....

Tally=Three towels, two baths, one outfit, two diapers, half a package of baby wipes. Did someone say birth control?

I went into Paris again last night, Ailie promised we would go out since the other au pair girls are all going out tonight, but I have to babysit, in about an hour actually. We met a Canadian girl, Shelby, who seems like a pretty good time. She lives on the other side of O-town across the tracks if you will. It was funny because Ailies family told her that Shelby was Australian, and that she had just arrived. We started talking to her, and I was thinking, man, she has NO Australian accent, thats really weird, but no, shes from Toronto.

We went to a club, which sucked, and DID not have free drinks, so we stayed, I drank a CubaLibre, which in France, apparently, is like a mix between a Long Island and a Rum and Coke.

We ended up at this Austrailian Bar, next thing we knew it was 4 am and we had to figure out how to get home, RANDOMLY, this French guy I was dancing with decided that he would drive us home. Interesting=he wad Algerian French, and Muslim. I was almost able to find out all of this using French. Anyway, he doesnt drink, since hes Muslim so that worked out. (I left the girls talking to some hot French guy and walked over to the car, after I left, the girls realized that they had just let me walk off with a stranger, but I had my phone) Out of the three of us, Ailie speaks French the best, but it was kind of fun to practice my (very, very, very basic) French. I think Im improving but I definitely need to practice more. Shelby ended up spending the night here (morning really) and I drover her to her car later. Its nice to meet more people in the village, because its almost impossible to get out of O-town during the week.

I entered the 21st century! On Thursday I went and bought a cell phone. Its prepaid, which is annoying, but atleast I am contactable!

Anyway I think tomorrow I want to go and actually SEE Paris, rather than bars.

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