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Monday, February 1, 2010


Okay, although I am exhausted and with much French homework, I will take sometime to describe the situation.

When I got back from Yellowstone, I joined an Au Pair Matchmaking site recommended by Britta Brown, an old friend of the family. I originally thought I would go to Munich, but due to extenuating circumstances, this did not happen.

On December 30th, 2009, (I remember because I was in Bethesda with Genevieve and Tyler, for a happy hour) I received an email from the family Francaise. This family of six was interested in speaking with me about coming to be an au pair. We talked, they sent an email with follow up questions, I responded, and they said Okay, we want you.

Fast forward two weeks, two visa trips, and one very expensive plane ticket later===Voila! Im here!

The kids:

A=Age 10, confident, good English, creative. Came home sick today, then we played some sort of French capitalist game, that I never really figured out. Hes pretty active so hes at home the least of the kiddies.

F=Age 8, sweet, a little shy at first but pretty talkative. we have been chatting about lots of things, shes pretty curious, and I like talking to her

T=Age 5, FIRECRACKER, hot and cold. he can be very loving but also is, well, five years old. most problems listening

L=16 months or so. finally adjusting to me, babylike....

I am way to exhausted to write anymore, although I do have several pages of journal I plan to transcribe in here at some point.

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