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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ce Soir

I went out with a Frenchman last night, well Algerian Frenchman at least. His name is Hachemi and his English is only slightly better than my French, still, we had a pretty good time.

Hes been calling me for a few weeks, so I finally decided to cut him a break (aka, REALLY needed to get out of the house) and told S and G that I had plans...Well, S started to get really worried that he was coming to get me, etc. So after trying to cancel my plans I finally went out, but to ease S's mind ( that I wasnt going to get raped and left in an ally in Paris) she met him and said that "Its ok he seemed nice." It was funny because he has an accent in French, like I would notice, and S turns to me while on the phoen and says, "Hes not French!!" I think she was concerned that he was some North African thug trying to sell me into slavery...But fortuntately for Hachemi hes pretty nice looking and, if not a bit awkward, very sweet.

Anyway, so other funny story-We get to Saint Germain and go looking for a bar (Hachemi doesnt drink, but I wanted to get a beer). See some girls on the street flag them down, and ask for directions. I realize theyre American and start being friendly and asking what theyre doing in France. (Theres an international high school in Saint Germain, so these girls were like idk, 17?) The one American girl was basically a bitch and pretty rude. Whatever. I tell Hachemi, who understood nothing, that the girl struck me as very impolite, he shrugged and we go to the bar. Show up there, and these girls come in a little later. So Hachemi and I have our dictionary out and are having a nice little conversation, and I hear this girl start talking about me in another language----SPANISH. I thought about saying, hey puta, hablo espanol mejor de frances, but decided it was better to just ease drop, they changed the subject after a few minutes. But Hachemi noted that when we were playing pool she was "looking at me weird"(like she didnt like me).

The whole situation struck me as odd, because all the girls that Ive met so far have been, well, nice! I guess it must be an age thing, but I dont understand why you would go out of your way to be rude. The other thing that I found annoying was Hachemi and I waited after the first group of people, then a whole bunch of high schoolers kept asking to play before us, so finally I was like, NO, weve been waiting, were going to play. Anyway, this group of kids just kept talking to me, and giving me advice on pool. I kind of miss the States where everyone just minds their own damn business!

The whole situation was just weird.

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