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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day three of "full" week. Les enfants are on vacances, so that means I work like 9 to 9, everyday. Currently, Chubs is sleeping and the oldest three are with Mom and Dad in Paris. G's birthday was yesterday, and I was supposed to have most of the day off while L was in daycare and the kiddies went to Paris, but whatever it is they're doing was closed...So A, F, and I went grocery shopping, then made lunch, then went to see the Princess et le grenouille...Thats supposed to say the Princess and the Frog. Funny that grenouille was the first animal I learned in French (arguably the only animal I know)....I think I read about it at a book at Jons house, and its just stuck....

Soooo Sunday.
Went to Paris at 1230 to meet up with Amanda for a drink and some Olympics. She didnt get there until after two, so we wandered until we found The Great Canadian and ducked in for a beer. One pint turned into six and next thing I know, Callie arrived, I had met an Israeli (SCORE!) Denis came to hang out, we found a bunch of Canadian guys (including one man who was 46 and trying to make it with Callie, and bought everyone roses), got free shots from a bartender who made out with one of our friends, found a bunch of Canadian GIRLS, watched the Russia Czech game, missed my train back to O-town (had to call home and make sure it was okay that I had the car, came back inside chanting "MOM AND DAD SAID ITS OK!!!") and stayed the night at Deniss apartment....woke up at 7 am and hightailed it back to O-town to work 11 plus hours on little sleep.

APPARENTLY Callie and Amanda didnt even make it to the door, and stayed until 4 am to watch the whole USA Canada game!

Last night I went for my little night walk, and found an amazing spot in O-town. L's daycare is on a hill and you can see all of O-town and some villages, it was really beautiful. I think Ill go sit out there more when the weather gets nice.

On that note, its been like 10° C here, so like 50, and Im lovin it. No one can talk about anything except how much we all want Spring to get here! I saw a few flowers the other day, and I cant wait for them to start blooming.

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