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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Its cold here, and I know I shouldnt complain, at home theyve gotten like 24 feet of snow, or something. Ive taken up wearing two pairs of pants, and the weather is DEFINITELY not good for my cold. Regardless, I am recovering, I woke up this morning able to breathe. Unfortunately, things arent quite as good for L...she apparently was up all night coughing (makes me glad I was in another part of the house.) She didnt go to daycare today, so S stayed home with her, she also offered to pick the kids up from school. This is okay with me, considering getting the kids from school is usually a long and very cold process.

I had class today (Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday in STG.) It usually takes about 45 minutes by multiple buses, but Ailie got to take the car today! We usually meet up at the bus stop by her house, but today happened to be the day that I had to run by the school to bring the two older kids their hats and mittens.

Okay so heres what happened-Alright so L is sick with this awful cough, S takes her to the doctor, asks me to vacuum and mop Leos room before I leave to drop off the warm weather garb. Its 9 45, the bus leaves the stop by the church at 1025. I haul up vaccuum, haul up mop, discover mold growing in room, clean, mop bathroom floor while Im at it, change laundry, throw everything where it belongs, RUN (in boots, on ice) to the kids school, ring the bell, stammar out French, RUN to the bus. My clock said 1024 as Im going to the bus. I get on waving arms frantically, reaching in my bag for my ticket, the guy looks at me and says in French (I think) Calm the shit down lady, Im not leaving for another 2 minutes. Anyway, I get seated, start to do my devoir ( that I didnt do last night) and text Ailie to tell her that I was already on the bus. Im hanging out, listening to Coldplay, as we pass the Tressencourt stop.

No Ailie. I look at my phone, realize shes called a few times ( this is a big deal, because cell phones are prepaid) and see a text telling me shes going to take the car. I literally got off at the next stop and waited for her to pick me up, and we drove into Saint Germain. It took us quite a while, but we did manage to find parking.

Extra plus of her driving, we were able to stop by the shopping area in O-town to get a card for S (todays her birthday) and some wine. We are going to try and have a tasting tonight, Ive been here for more than 2 weeks and have yet to drink and French wine.

Anyway, tomorrows Friday, and I finally have a night off!

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